Sunday, November 30, 2008

separation anxiety.

i haven't shot a picture in over a week. these were a couple of the last ones. took a ride to the top of the mountain with amelia and maysie to see the early snowfall and clear my head. wound up nearly killing us all and stuck in a ditch. not the best for clearing your head. in the end everything was fine as frog hair.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

run, shoot, run, shoot.

this past week felt like track and field day rotating from the standing broad jump to the V sit reach to the 50 yard dash. instead of spending time stretching i spent time in the car on my way to hazard to see what hillary had to say. politicians really do start to look ragged after years of persuading people to agree with them. the following day i found out that a local oil company had dumped petroleum near the north fork of the kentucky river, whitesburg's water supply, and it had begun to leech into the river. i made some pictures and phoned the paper again. the next day was one of america's most historical days and the most uplifting and hopeful political day of my life in which i voted for our country's first african american president and struggled to make pictures getting turned away at every venture. after speaking to the county clerk and a phone call to frankfort i was falsely informed that i could only make pictures of voters from the neck down. i considered it a loss and settled with making pictures of a low rider instead. and somewhere in there i was invaded by party people in masks. breathe.