Tuesday, November 27, 2007

cold turkey.

while most of you were home with your families eating cold turkey sandwiches and watching holiday television i was kickin it at ford field with the chemics and our intern alex. the day began at 7am and ended the next day at 1:30am and its contents filled our paper to the tune of our front page, the local page, sports section front and inside, and a photo page as well as a multimedia piece. not much goes on in midland, so when the boys make it to state the whole world stops. the game started out good and spirits were high going into halftime. the second half things went to shit. they lost 47-21. here are a few photos. hope all is well with everyone who looks at this regurgitation of light paintings.
ps. alex smoked me in the coverage.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


i opened my window and stepped onto my roof this morning amidst the bitter morning air to shoot the first photo of yes, snow on thanksgiving day. all the damn leaves haven't even fallen yet. i made a few phone calls and headed with ryan, angie, and the girls to grandma bishop's house. ryan's family cooks some mean eats and welcomed me with open arms and books and taunts. i'm greatful to them for being my surrogate family for the day, but to my own, there is no replacement. i miss and love you all. no offense to the wood, bishop, etc. clans.

Friday, November 16, 2007


ryan helped me out with our all area football photo yesterday. this is ryan, trying hard to look like an intimidating football player. i wasn't scared, so when he challenged me to a foot race i accepted to his surprise and told him i'd beat him. "hah! yeah right," he said. it was on. after the shoot we took our mark at the 50 yard line and he called out the start. "on your mark... get set........... GO!" he yelled jumping to a quick lead with his premature start. I caught up with him at the 25 and crossed the goaline a couple yards ahead of him. come on ryan, cheaters never win. i'm sure we looked funny as hell, two grown men racing on a field neither of us ever played on.

kevin in 3D.

kevin had his first 3D movie experience last night.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

early bird.

they say that the early bird catches the worm. well i got up this morning at 3:15 to meet up with roughly 90 WWII veterans who were flying to washington d.c. to visit the new memorial there. dow was footing the bill and even gave up their private jet for the day to make it happen. anyway i showed up at the airport around 4:30 as the vets were arriving. it was mostly lame. old guys, up way too early, going to a place to sit and wait. there were tv crews in guy's faces all over and me chillin in the background waiting for something good. i took some time to talk to our reporter tony and he pre visualized the frame below. "you should shoot somebody kissing their wife goodbye," tony said in a somewhat sarcastic, but underlying serious tone. i nodded like, sure dude, that's going to happen, they're only going to be gone for the afternoon. well sure as shit, ol' tone was right and ceil gave her husband bob a kiss before he passed through the metal detector. the frame is cluttered as all get out and there's a damn photographer in the background, but it's still a sweet moment between some sweet folks. the above photo was taken after i took a quick nap in a gas station parking between assignments at around 6:50.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


i hung out with garold dice at his dinning room table as he showed me photos of himself during the war. dice, now 90 years old, saw a lot of combat while passing through 59 cities in 4 countries during the 8 months he was in europe during WWII. and yes i shot another hand picture.

Friday, November 2, 2007

baby girl.

"go to sleep. go to sleep." magician walter reid whispered to his rabbit baby girl backstage after his act at coleman elementary. baby girl never did go to sleep. i think it might have been the clicking of my camera making her nervous. i love the name baby girl.