Saturday, February 28, 2009

mardis gras (the dirty half dozen).

my first mardis gras experience actually occurred in covington kentucky about eight years ago. it included all of the stereotypical things you hear about, beads, flashing, drunken nonsense. last week a crew of folks from whitesburg and formerly of whitesburg headed south on a journey to experience the "real" mardis gras. after visiting some peeps in knoxville and spending 13 hours in the car we arrived in lafayette louisiana. wonderful music and chaos ensued shortly there after. sara traveled from mississippi join in the fun and after hours of costume preparation we found ourselves amongst a rather large crowd of strangers dressed in costumes more elaborate than our own and half drunk by 9 in the morning. a five hour trek followed and the ruckus escalated. the was a great deal of urinating in public, wrestling in sewage smelling ditches, dancing, and yes more walking. in all the trip was incredible. thank you brett ratliff for the scoop. thank you to lora's family for the denali, thanks to sara for making the solo trip over, thank you to my co-travelers for keepin it rural, and to those who couldn't make the trip. you were all missed greatly and i hope that we can all make the trip together next year.

mardis gras (who in the hell).

this is a collection of pictures of people who i have absolutely no clue who they are. chickens played a big role in the march through the country. they would be thrown from rooftops or horseback, stampeded after by herds of drunk people, rolled on by the same, and finally caught only to occasionally flee again setting the whole chain of events in motion once more.
ps. that guy in the last frame playing guitar is actually peeing at the same time. that's talent i guess.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

penelope keefe lemon.

seven pounds two ounces, penelope sprang to life nine and a half weeks ago and has given a whole new light to the keefe lemon house. baby talk is the new fad and parenthood seems to have come naturally. congratulations buford and mindy on your adorable baby girl.

Friday, February 6, 2009

civil disobedience.

on tuesday the folks from coal river gathered in an act of civil disobedience on coal river mountain. these photos follow lorelei scarbor in her attempt to speak to those in the mine office. lines were literally drawn on the ground in the form of railroad tracks and warning was given that whoever crossed would be charged with trespassing. not all that crossed, like myself were arrested. actually the police were very nice and surprisingly cooperative in the matter. lorelei crossed and was arrested, at which point she walked directly across the street to the police station. very convenient. those who crossed were given tickets. all in all it was an exciting and worth while day for the campaign.