Saturday, April 26, 2008

heads off.

yes, i'm the guy who sometimes has that urge to ruin christmas by running through the mall yelling how the guy in the funny suit and the big white beard is just that, a guy in a suit. it's just an urge, i don't actually follow through with it, i'd just like to see all the little kids frantically start tugging on their parents pockets with the looming questions and the dumbfounded look on all the mom and dad's faces. that look of holy shit, what lie will get me out of this lie. well today i'm spoiling the party and revealing that the state farm Good Neigh Bear is really just a guy. so is Bookie the Bear sitting next to him, and Lou E. Loon, and the easter bunny, and jolly ol' st. nick. but if i sound like an old grump it's because i miss the days when i believed in these fictitious gods and i too will someday con my kid into believing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

duck duck.

GOOSE! now run around in circles. it's spring damnit, the birds are back.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

resurrecting the king.

the king is still alive.

the king smokes a pipe.

the king drinks PBR by the pitcher.

the king is in love with a woman named brenda.

the king turned 54 today.

mc.b's, a seedy little bar with split logs glued to the outside to make the cinder block building seem a bit more home like, came alive when the lights were turned out last night. i met claud and his wife brenda there to celebrate claud's birthday. if any of you remember, claud is the elvis tribute artist is photographed a while back when i spotted him cutting his grass on my way home from teaching. i recently decided to pursue the story further and what better night to do so than his big day. he and his wife along with the majority of the bar sang karaoke and danced. after about 8 or 10 songs the dj would put on 3 songs of what claud's wife brenda liked to call "booty music" and the dance floor would fill with middle aged women and college girls alike all touchin that ass to the flo. i laughed the whole time, even when the native american woman twice my size tried to strongly suggest that i take the shot she bought for me. i politely declined... again and again.

Monday, April 14, 2008

the pig.

pig (pig) n. 1) A hog or hoglike animal, esp. when small or young. 2) Pork 3) An oblong mass of metal just run from the smelter and cast in a rough mold 4) INFORMAL A person regarded as like a pig, esp. one who is filthy, gluttonous, or grasping.

in this case "the pig" is not just a mere mass of metal hot off the smelter, and she aint' no swine. she is a fine piece of steel manufactured by the fine folks at pontiac, and despite the brisk mid april spring temperatures in the mid 30s, we (cool and the gang aka hannah (pictured), kevin, mandy, eventually alex cohn, and myself) took her out to stretch her legs a bit. the pig is buford an mindy's choice of summertime travel, but she answers to no man. she has a mind of her own and we were excitedly along for the ride. thanks to the lemon keefe connection for letting us breeze your fine steed.

another foggy day.

it snowed a couple of days ago. when does this shit storm they call winter end. i never will get used to living in a place with two seasons.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

check it.

alright alright alright, so i'll get around to shooting some pictures soon i hope, but as for now my partner in crime since the seventh grade (stephen m. kertis) has created something phenomenal. he's provided an outlet for the mix tape. it's freaking brilliant. check it mondaynightmixtapes