Monday, April 14, 2008

the pig.

pig (pig) n. 1) A hog or hoglike animal, esp. when small or young. 2) Pork 3) An oblong mass of metal just run from the smelter and cast in a rough mold 4) INFORMAL A person regarded as like a pig, esp. one who is filthy, gluttonous, or grasping.

in this case "the pig" is not just a mere mass of metal hot off the smelter, and she aint' no swine. she is a fine piece of steel manufactured by the fine folks at pontiac, and despite the brisk mid april spring temperatures in the mid 30s, we (cool and the gang aka hannah (pictured), kevin, mandy, eventually alex cohn, and myself) took her out to stretch her legs a bit. the pig is buford an mindy's choice of summertime travel, but she answers to no man. she has a mind of her own and we were excitedly along for the ride. thanks to the lemon keefe connection for letting us breeze your fine steed.

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i love your spring spirit!