Tuesday, October 14, 2008

horses, a boars head, and a bit of texas in the bluegrass.

after having breakfast at the P.M.G. natasha invited me to tag along and see where she grew up and the oldest strip mine in letcher county. i accepted the invitation because she's always talking about how blackey is the coolest place and how anyone who grew up on "the seven" is the shit, i had to see for myself. after arriving in her home hollow, we traded out the civic for her cousins enormous 4X4 Dodge to head up the mountain to one of her favorite places, where the power lines are. when we got to the top it looked like we had crossed state lines from kentucky to texas and tasha said that it looked as such. i imagine that this place would be the poster child for "reclaimed" land. tall dry grasses, grazing cattle and horses, an surprisingly what looked like trees or big bushes maybe. well these are some of the photos from the trip. there is a bit of humor at the end of the post, but you have to look for it. thanks tasha for leading me down the seven and showing me where you grew up.

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