Tuesday, December 16, 2008

lunch break photo shoot.

yesterday, as i stood admiring a freshly tarred roof eric and i were working on, my phone rang and with tar covered hands i reluctantly answered covering my phone in a sticky black mess. the voice on the other end was that of rich kirby, one of the premiere old time musicians in the country, and coincidentally my boss' dad. he said, "you take pictures don't you." i replied, "yep". he followed with think you could shoot some pictures for me. i said, "sure of what". he replied simply, "me". and that was all. we met on his lunch break today and made a few pictures. he is incredibly humble and somewhat shy, but in the end i got to hear some great music (he played throughout the whole shoot) and i hope he likes at least a few of the frames.


Channing said...

That second one's the one, man. Damn!

Emily Katelyn said...

Agreed. I love the feel of these.