Monday, January 25, 2010

don't hold your breath.

how does one go about explaining a slump. where do i begin to disclose the distraction, the disillusion, the overwhelming change. when efforts are put into something, often times there is little time to keep up. like the crows flying into the wind outside my window, i feel like i've made little progress with a camera lately. that's not to say i haven't accomplished a great deal lately. i've moved, started a new job, and stumbled through trying to figure out hope and fate and everything in between. and now things are settling. i'm sorting things out and wiping the sleep from my eyes to see clearly. i've been in visual hibernation long enough.


Jutt said...

Nice to see you posting again. I thought maybe you'd given it up with the move to the big city. I enjoy reading your reflections and seeing your images. I especially liked the words about change and juggling in your November post. Hope things are going well for you.

the makery said...

focus. and. blur.

travellerb said...

don't despair - these times of fuzziness, of business, of ridiculousness that take you away from your art serve a function - promise. i call it 'clarity through obfuscation', and it's served me well these 38.5 years.

get yer ass back to midland soon, son. p's gonna be driving soon.



ps - your room awaits whenever, wherever. it always will.

Lora said...

It's like this from time to time for everyone. Change is constant and sometimes hard, but also very necessary. Snap. Snap.

littledelle said...

I'm holdin' my breath as long as it needs to be held. Love the picture and you have always been a magnificent writer.

Love you b.

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