Wednesday, April 20, 2011


After spending nearly a year coming up with and getting rid of many ideas, this is the culmination of what was left. I've put a new post on our website and I hope whoever might still look at snapshots and tweeners, will also enjoy my more current work with Kertis Creative. Thanks for checking things out!


Kim said...

Brett... My name is Kim Davis I am the coordinator for the Baytown Homeless Shelter... We have a few youth children at the shelter and and in our program that I was hoping the next time you are home to visit your you might make a short appearance with the youths of the shelter. Please contact me at 832-414-0000. I would love to have you visit and share a peice of hope and faith to the children of our campus. God Bless... PS My husband would love to see his highschool friend again too I am sure.

Dungha said...

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