Friday, September 19, 2008


two days after shooting my cousins wedding i found myself watching enormous rock trucks at work atop kayford mtn. in wv. the next day i was in the capital building trying to find the governor to deliver a petition where i had a sheriff's officer hide behind a door from me to prevent being photographed. and the following day i shook hands with a guy named kenny in a small conference room as we awaited our bumpy flights over mtr sites in wv. i later realized that the interestingly dressed guy i chatted with was "big" of the group "big & rich". save a horse ride a cowboy big & rich. he seemed like any other guy. hell he wipes his ass the same as i do. i hope he washed his hands though. after landing it was a three hour drive straight to the bar to work a full shift. i feel like a human pinball sometimes, but man it's fun. and yes that's five sign pictures. what then.


Krista Schinagl said...

i like the last says a lot more than whats on the sign

Nicky said...

I hope YOU washed your hands after shaking his.

I love your little southern sayings.