Sunday, September 21, 2008

seafaring pirates.

spring fed bathtub beer cooler... check
pitchfork hot dog skewer... check
toad in hole... check
these were a few of the highlights of my brief visit to this years viking fest (founded by some of the fine folks here in whitesburg). a three day event devoted to overindulgence in all sorts of things scandinavian including a stone throw, fruit infused vodkas, and meats cooked in the ground. all of which i did not partake. despite only attending on sunday. i still had a great time.


travellerb said...

framed spring fed bathtub beer cooler for christmas/bday present - want.

hope all's well, bro - we're gonna miss ya this weekend.



megan said...

i totally see an appeal to whitesburg. it seems like the wackiest, coolest place on earth.