Wednesday, January 28, 2009

crop dusted.

for anyone who knows me, you know that i'm not the most well behaved and grown up guy around. that said it was my good friends steve and channing, who traveled a collective 1189.71 miles to lob ice chuncks at me while on a slick surface struggling to maintain balance, and fart repeatedly in my car with the windows up, who lacked manners. i wouldn't have it any other way. thank you both for making the somewhat dangerous trip to visit me. look forward to your return.
channing is credited with the ultimate find of the trip. while exploring the abandoned coal processing plant in lynch, kentucky he scored a sweet playboy from the early 90s. the booty, pun intended, was left turned to the most glorious of pages for future pioneers, hopefully in their teenage years, to be rewarded and educated. i think most of us probably got an early anatomy lesson thanks to mr. hugh hefner.