Wednesday, May 7, 2008

tea party.

when you think of tea parties, little girls in grown ups clothes talking to stuffed animals may come to mind. or for others a little town called boston might. the boston tea party is when our colonial forefathers told ol' great britian to go "f" themselves and threw a bunch of tea in the harbor thus ensuing the american revolution. well yesterday the little town of edenville had their own revolution and the lady in the sunglasses threw a single lipton teabag in the river in honor of her ancestors (i have pictures of that, but i like this one better). the community partook in a bit of what i like to call street justice, but really they just exercised their right to vote. and vote they did. nearly 50% of the registered voters showed at the polls and voted EVERY member of the city board out of office, trustees and all. that's what happens when politicians don't listen to the populous. so in the words of kurt loder, "rock the vote", and maybe i'll start too.


Jesse Osbourne said...

that is the coolest shit ever.

yay democracy.

Kelly said...

Did you see the comment someone left on the MDN website after this story that said Marilyn Garrison (the sunglasses lady) should be ticketed for littering because she threw a teabag into the river? Boy, people in small towns can get pissed at each other.